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How much is a session?

If you are registered with NOWCA, it is £7 per session, to be paid on the day or in advance.

If you have not registered with NOWCA, you will be given a NOWCA day pass, including a temporary wrist band which you will have to give back at the end of the session. This will cost £10 per session if unregistered.

You can also get 10 sessions, for the price of 9, if you sign up to a 10 session pass, for the price of £63, which be must be used that year and is only available to NOWCA registered members.

Do I have to be a member of NOWCA?

We strongly recommend that you become a member of NOWCA, because not only does it save you money per swim, it also provides additional safety information for your protection.

When you sign up, you will be given a wristband, which is programmed with all the information you give us, and this wristband must be worn each time you visit the lake.

Registering is easy, and costs only £12 per year. To sign up, visit this link

Where is the Lake located?

We are based in Wareham, Dorset at Swineham Farm, Wareham, BH20 4JD.

The easiest way to find us is to head into Wareham town, and turn down East Street at the 4 way traffic lights. You then continue straight down this road for around 5 minutes. At the end, you will see a sign for our Lake, with guides as to where to park.

Map directions-


Is the Lake suitable for beginners?

Unfortunately, the Lake is not for beginners looking to learn how to swim. Open Water swimming can be dangerous, and therefore only competent swimmers are suitable.

If you are a strong swimmer, but new to Open Water swimming, we do have a small 400m course available to introduce yourself to swimming outside of a traditional pool, but you must be confident in your swimming abilities. The Lake is perfect for those looking to gain confidence in Open Water swimming, but also those already confident looking to train, strengthen and improve.

Is the Lake open all the time?

Currently, we are only running a Saturday session due to it being end of season. This session is 8am until 10am each Saturday. Usually, we offer 3 sessions a week during the months of May until the early September. Sessions last up to 2 hours, and these are 6pm until 8pm Wednesdays, 6am until 8pm Thursdays and 8am until 10am Saturdays. The duration you wish to swim is up to you, provided you start and finish within the opening hours of the session.

Swineham is only authorised for swimming during operational hours, and any swimming outside of these hours will be trespassing on private property and risk prosecution.

There is a public footpath which goes close to the lake area should you wish to see where the lake is, prior to a session, however no admittance is permitted beyond the gate and fenced area outside of the session times. If you wish to walk up towards the lake, you will need to leave your vehicle in Bestwall Road, Wareham, as there is no vehicular access beyond the Rugby Club entrance outside of session times. This rule is strictly enforced and you will risk being banned from actual sessions should you be found to be ignoring restrictions.


What facilities are available?

Swineham Lake has a indoor reception area where you register upon arrival at the lake. Following this, you can access our changing rooms and toilet facilities. We have separate facilities for both men and woman.

Parking is available on site, and in set parking areas only, PLEASE NOTE parking on the verges leading up to the lake is strictly forbidden and you will be asked to move.

Coffees and teas will be available post sessions, should you wish to warm up a little! These are supplied by our team, at 50p a drink, to be paid through our honesty box.

Can I stay close to the lake?

There is an excellent B&B right next to the lake where you can stay, should you wish to!

For more information and to book, visit their site –


Are there any other activities we can do on the lake?

We only offer Lake Swimming sessions, however Brenscombe Outdoor Centre also use the Lake for some of their activities.

For more information, visit

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